5 Best LED Headlights (Tested) 2023

LED headlights are becoming increasingly popular among car owners and those who drive in low-light conditions. They offer a brighter, longer-lasting beam than traditional halogen headlights, consuming less power and making them much more efficient.

They can also provide greater visibility in foggy and rainy conditions. This blog will explore the best-LED headlights available today and provide a comprehensive guide to help you decide when choosing the right set for your vehicle.

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Best LED Headlights (2023)

DesignCar LED LightsRetailer
Best Pick1. OPT7 FluxBeam H1 LED Headlight
Check Price
2. Simdevanma Led Headlight Bulbs
Check Price
Staff Pick3. JDM ASTAR G1 COB Chips
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4. Auxbeam H11 LED Bulbs
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Budget Pick5. NINEO H11 LED Bulbs
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1. OPT7 FluxBeam H1 LED Headlight

Best Pick
1 130

With a powerful 130W output and 11,000 lumens, OPT7 FluxBeam kit will provide your vehicle with bright and clear headlights while giving you a two-year warranty for peace of mind.

This powerful and reliable LED headlight kit is designed to give your vehicle a brighter and more focused light pattern than traditional headlights. The CREE LED chips provide up to 6,000K of cool white light with a beam pattern designed to light up the road ahead with minimal glare.

The clear lens-beam bulbs give you an even light distribution with a clean and smooth beam pattern. Additionally, the aluminum housing provides excellent heat dissipation, which helps extend the life of the LED chips.

The OPT7 FluxBeam also includes a pair of adjustable mounting brackets and hardware for installation. Installation is quick and easy whether you’re replacing your existing headlights or upgrading to LED lights.

The plug-and-play design makes for a hassle-free installation, allowing you to get your new headlights up and running in no time.

Regarding LED headlights, the OPT7 FluxBeam w/Clear Lens-Beam Bulbs – 130W 11,000Lm 6K Cool White CREE – 2 Yr Warranty is the best of the best.

With its powerful output, bright light pattern, and two-year warranty, this LED headlight kit will provide you with the best lighting solution for your vehicle. So if you’re looking for the brightest and most reliable LED headlights, look no further than the OPT7 FluxBeam.


  • High Lumens
  • Clear Lens
  • Durable Construction
  • Wide Range of Compatibility


  • Price
  • Size

2. Simdevanma Led Headlight Bulbs

2 64

Simdevanma LEDs are designed with precision and accuracy to ensure the highest quality lighting experience. The bulbs are made with advanced technology, which helps to reduce eye fatigue and improve night vision.

The 6500K temperature ensures intense cool white light, improving road visibility and safety. The bulbs have a long lifespan and are designed to last up to 50,000 hours.

These bulbs are easy to install and are suitable for most vehicle models. They are plug-and-play, meaning no additional wiring or modifications are necessary. The bulbs are also water and dustproof, making them durable and reliable for many years.

The Simdevanma LED is designed to give you the best lighting performance while also improving the look of your car.

The 6500K temperature offers a cool white light that is brighter and more intense than traditional halogen lights. They also consume less energy, which helps to reduce your overall energy consumption.

Whether you are looking to replace your existing car headlights or upgrade the lighting on your car, the Simdevanma LED is a great choice.

They provide superior lighting performance while also offering a modern and stylish look. They are easy to install and designed to last up to 50,000 hours. If you are looking for the best LED headlights, then the Simdevanma LED is perfect.


  • Bright and crisp light
  • Long-lasting LEDs
  • Economical 
  • Easy to install 


  • Limited color options
  • It may not be compatible with all vehicles.
  • Bulbs may require replacement over time.


Staff Pick
3 62

The JDM ASTAR offers a great way to upgrade your car’s headlights. These bulbs are made with the latest technology, providing an ultra-bright light that is perfect for night driving.

The bulbs are also designed with a long-lasting lifespan, so you won’t have to replace them often. In addition, the bulbs are designed to be shock resistant, meaning they won’t blow out easily when you go over bumps or potholes.

The JDM ASTAR is made from top-grade materials and features a unique design that helps to reduce glare and provide a more uniform beam pattern.

These bulbs are perfect for all types of cars, from sedans to SUVs, and their bright white light will make your car stand out from the crowd.

The installation process for the JDM ASTAR is quite simple. You need to connect the two bulbs to the power supply, and you’re good to go. The bulbs are also designed to be compatible with most vehicles, so you won’t need to worry about compatibility issues.

When upgrading your car’s headlights, the JDM ASTAR, Xenon White, is perfect. With the brightest LED headlights available, you can ensure your car looks its best while driving down the road.

Plus, with their long-lasting lifespan and shock-resistant design, you won’t have to replace them often. So, if you’re looking for the best LED headlights, the JDM ASTAR, Xenon White, is the way to go.


  • The quality of light is excellent.
  • Excellent fit and finish.
  • Easy to install.
  • Long-lasting LED bulbs.


  • The price is a bit high
  • It may not be suitable for all cars
  • Expensive

4. Auxbeam H11 LED Bulbs

4 57

The Auxbeam H11 offers superior quality and performance with a long lifespan. This conversion kit comes with two high-powered LEDs that provide up to 12000 lumens. That’s enough to light up the road ahead for greater visibility and safety.

The LEDs also produce a bright white light that looks like natural sunlight for a more realistic headlight experience.

The kit also provides a high-grade aluminum housing that helps to keep the LEDs from overheating. This helps to ensure that your headlights will last for a long time.

The kit also comes with a set of waterproof caps and screws to securely mount the headlights.

The Auxbeam H11 has a limited lifetime warranty to ensure a hassle-free experience. The kit is also easy to install, with no special tools required. You can easily install the conversion kit within minutes and enjoy the benefits of a brighter and safer headlight experience.

If you’re looking for the best LED headlights on the market, then Auxbeam H11, H8 H9 H11 Led Conversion Kit 60W 12000lm LED Chips Fog Light F-16 Series is a perfect choice.

With superior quality, a long lifespan, and a hassle-free installation, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a brighter and safer headlight experience for years to come. With Auxbeam, you’ll never have to worry about the performance of your headlights again.


  • High brightness
  • Durable
  • Easy installation
  • Cost


  • Can be expensive
  • Not compatible with some vehicles

5. NINEO H11 LED Bulbs

Budget Pick
5 47

The NINEO H11 LED Bulbs, 18000LM 90W H8 H9 Lights Conversion Kits 6500K Cool White Extremely Bright G-XP x3 Chips Halogen Replacement-Pack of 2 is a reliable choice that offers superior performance and reliability.

The NINEO H11 is designed with advanced G-XP (G-XP is a proprietary technology that provides superior lighting performance and durability) x3 chips that provide superior brightness and performance.

The bulbs produce a bright light output with a color temperature of 6500K cool white. This light output is 18000lm, much brighter than a regular halogen bulb, providing superior visibility in all weather conditions.

The bulbs are also extremely durable, with waterproof aluminum housing that can withstand extreme weather conditions. The bulbs are also designed with a fanless heat dissipation system, which ensures that the bulbs stay cool and last longer.

The NINEO H11 is designed for easy installation. They come in a package of two and are compatible with most vehicles.

The bulbs are also extremely energy efficient, using only 90W of energy, which is significantly lower than regular halogen bulbs. This means you can save money on energy costs while enjoying superior lighting performance.

Suppose you’re looking for superior lighting performance and reliability. In that case, the NINEO H11 is a great choice.

With its advanced G-XP x3 chips and superior brightness, you can be sure that your car will have superior lighting performance and reliability when you choose the NINEO H11.


  • Extremely bright and clear light
  • It provides a smooth, consistent light output
  • Ideal for lighting up large areas


  • It may be too bright for some applications
  • Not compatible with some fixtures

Buying Guide – Best LED Headlights

To upgrade your car’s lighting, consider the best-LED headlights. LED headlights have several benefits over traditional halogen lights, such as improved visibility, increased safety, and longer life. To help you make the right decision, here are five things to consider before buying the best LED headlights:

1. Lumen Output: Lumen output is the light emitted from the LED bulbs. Make sure to buy LED headlights with a high-lumen output to ensure better visibility at night.

2. Beam Pattern: Depending on your car type, you may need to purchase LED headlights with different beam patterns. For instance, if your car has curved or sloping headlights, you’ll need LED headlights with a unique beam pattern.

3. Cost: LED headlights are more expensive than halogen headlights, but the long-term benefits of LED headlights far outweigh the cost.

4. Durability: LED headlights are much more durable than halogen headlights and require less maintenance.

5. Installation: If you are not comfortable installing LED headlights, it is best to hire a professional to do the job.

Buying the best-LED headlights for your car will improve your visibility at night and make your car look more stylish and modern. Consider all the above points to get the best LED headlights for your car.


In conclusion, LED headlights are great for drivers who want improved nighttime vision and visibility. With longer lifespans, less energy consumption, and a wide range of colors, LED headlights are an excellent option for any driver.

Whether looking for a brighter light or upgrading your vehicle’s look, LED headlights offer great value and performance.

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