4 Best Trailer Tires for Heavy Loads (Tested) 2023

As a truck driver, you may be required to carry heavy loads, which can be tiring, or any other heavy items, on your vehicle. But, if your truck tire is old, then it might not be able to withstand the heavy loads and might burst or crack.

There are many types of trailer tires for heavy loads, and selecting the right ones for your truck is crucial. If you are carrying a heavy load on the trailer tires, you need to ensure that the trailer tires are strong and durable.

This guide will review the best trailer tires for heavy loads. We will discuss the important features of the best trailer tires you need to consider before buying the trailer tires.

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Best Trailer Tires for Heavy Loads [2023]

Best Pick1. Carlisle Sport Trail LH
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2. Trailer King ST Radial tire
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Staff Pick3.  Carlisle Trail HD
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4. Maxxis M8008
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1. Carlisle Sport Trail LH

Best Pick
1 73

In our tests, we found that the Carlisle Sport Trail LH Bias Trailer Tire did a great job holding the weight of our boat. We also found that it handled the boat trailer loads without any difficulty.

We tried the tires on a few different trailers, and they performed well on all of them. Some of the trailers were heavier than others, and the tires did a good job handling the extra weight.

The tires are also easy to install. You just put them on the trailer wheel and ensure they’re aligned properly. Then you tighten them down using a lug wrench.

This tire is recommended for boats up to about 50 feet long. The boat can be loaded up to about 1,800 pounds, but the weight doesn’t affect the tire’s performance.

The tires are made of lightweight nylon material that provides durability and traction, but it’s still very flexible. So they won’t be as durable as heavy-duty tires, but they’ll be able to handle the extra weight for longer.

The Carlisle Sport Trail LH Bias Trailer Tire is compatible with the Carlisle Sport Trail LH Bias Trailer Wheels.

If you want a trailer tire that’s comfortable, lightweight, and easy to install, this is the tire for you.

2. Trailer King ST Radial tire

2 31

Our #1 choice is from Trailer King, an industry leader in offroad trailer tires. Their radial trailer tire is one of the best in the business and will keep you on track no matter where you go.

Trailer King’s radial tires are extremely durable and can withstand much abuse. They’re engineered for extreme conditions and built to last many years, so you won’t have to replace them anytime soon.

Their radial tires also have a unique center groove that keeps them stable and provides better traction. This makes them great for travel and camping but also fantastic for RVing and hauling your boat.

Trailer King is also backed by a 5-year limited warranty, so you can rest easy knowing that you have the peace of mind that comes with a trusted name.

The tires come in 4 sizes: 20, 24, 30, and 36 inches. So you can easily find the size that fits your trailer and your budget.

3.  Carlisle Trail HD

Staff Pick
3 29

I’ve been looking for the right tires for my truck for some time. I tried the Bridgestone Blizzak MX3 and they were absolutely horrible. I’ve been trying to find something that would work for my needs but hasn’t been able to find anything good enough.

Then I stumbled upon the Carlisle Radial Trail HD tires. I’m extremely happy with them. They’re great on snow, and traction, and the tread pattern is nice and wide.

They fit my truck perfectly. They are the only tire that will fit the width of my trailer hitch.

It’s also worth noting that the max PSI on these tires is only 65. They are really durable, and I had no problems with them at all until I got to a higher PSI than 65.

The only downside is the price. These tires are costly. They retail for around $250300. If you’re looking for an affordable tire, these aren’t the ones for you. But if you want something that will last for years, these are worth checking out.

4. Maxxis M8008

4 26

Maxxis tires are one of my favorite brands of tires, and their M8008 radial trailer tire is no exception.

They’re a great value, and they have a 10ply rating. This means that they’re tougher and stronger than your average “standard†tires. It also means that they’re a better choice for towing trailers and hauling heavy loads.

This particular model is a 225/75R15 size, which is a great size for towing trailers. They’re also radially designed, so they’re more stable and less likely to blow out.

Maxxis tires are known for their excellent shock absorption, which means they’re great for hauling heavy loads.

I’ve had a lot of Maxxis tires in my life, and I can say with confidence that they’re the best for heavy hauling.

I recommend them for anyone who tows trailers or carries heavy loads.

This tire is made of the best materials available and provides exceptional performance.

I love that this tire is 10-ply rated, so I know it’s going to last longer than your typical “standard†tires.

If you’re looking for great value and a strong, reliable tire, then get the Maxxis M8008 ST radial trailer tire.


In conclusion, to get the most mileage out of your trailer tires, you need to get the proper size of tires for the specific vehicle or trailer you’re using.

Make sure you’ve selected the right size for your load and the conditions you will be loading your trailer in. If you are going to be hauling heavy loads, or if the conditions are extreme, you should consider upgrading to larger tires and wheels.

This will ensure that you can handle whatever you’re hauling and will help you get the maximum mileage out of your trailer tires.

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